Pizza Dare 2


Pizza Dare 2

Directors: Kong Ja-kwan
Productions: -

So-ra, a woman who lives day by day meeting conditions. Hyeon-soo, a man obsessed with women's scent. Upon Hyeon-soo's suggestion to sponsor her, So-ra maintains a lover-like relationship with him. Sora and Hyeon-soo as couples seduce men for fun, enslave them, and then destroys families. Once, while seeing a happy couple in a chicken restaurant, So-ra felt jealous and wanted to break that happiness. So-ra and Hyeon-soo decide to seduce the husband and brings him to their guest house after several delivery exposures. In the end, the couples swap together with Seok and Hyeon-jin at a chicken restaurant. Can So-ra's plan succeed to destroy ordinary couples?


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